Call out for Directors

Walk With Us – Unknown Castlemaine

Rehearsing & Performing November 2021

After lengthy lockdowns and covid chaos, CTC bids adieu to 2021 with a fun, thoughtful, outdoor theatrical journey. Led by four flamboyant guides, the audience will travel in covid- safe groups through the backstreets of Castlemaine, stopping in hidden spots to be entertained by six scenes written for this production.


The playwrights are –  Kevin Cook, Lisa D’Onofrio, Toby Heydon, Samantha Bews, Graham Pitts & Brenda Addie. The scenes are short – under 5 minutes – and inspired by the theme of ‘what brings our community together’.  Although based on real events or stories from the community this is definitely not a history tour. It is imaginative and adventurous.


The production is optimistic. It’s not that we don’t see present problems but for this production, we’re using art to elevate. Our objective is to make the audience see that things aren’t all bad, to feel more connected to the community and have a good night out. We’re ending 2021 on an upbeat.


The audience journey starts at The Market building, progresses through Victory Park, walks up Mostyn St, then via Uniting church, to the Art Gallery, through the back alley behind the Presbyterian Church to Templeton St, down the hill to the Hub garden, around to the Phee and the concluding in the Village Square. (Which is the new outdoor area recently created by the council. It’s in front of the Town hall building.)


We are now looking for six directors to work on one script each. CTC is especially looking for new voices: Females, People from Castlemaine’s First Nation community, Queer community, directors from a culturally diverse back ground and people with disabilities. If you don’t fit into the above and you’re thinking, ‘What about me?’ – you’re in too! We’ll try to bring everyone together.


Timeline: Rehearsals

The idea is to rehearse it over 2 weekends. Each group meeting for one day on both weekends. I know that’s tight and we might need more time but on the other hand, it is a 5 minute script and keeping it short, sharp and lively is sometimes a good way to work.

Rehearsal Weekend 1           6th, 7th Nov

            Rehearsal Weekend 2           13th 14th Nov


Performance Dates


Dress Rehearsal:                   Thursday 18th Nov.     7.30pm


Weekend 1:                                        Fri, Sat, Sun                19, 20, 21        7.30pm


Weekend 2:                                        Fri, Sat, Sun                26, 27, 28        7.30pm


Admin & Contact Details

Suzanne Kalk will head the production/admin and Mark Penzak will be the lead artist.

For further information and to register interest contact:

Mark Penzak