This page is a resource for Monkey Choreography. I’m going to post video clips of our choreography, and music files, so we can practice at home and in rehearsal, and clips that might be inspirational in developing chory. There are 3 dance numbers in Monkey and the Monk: firstly The Monkeys on Flower and Fruit Mountain (Monkey is born) featuring the younger CYT kids; secondly The Peach Girls (6 students from the older CYT group); and thirdly the Bollywood finale, featuring everyone.

but first something for my monkeys – some nice gentle grooming moves

…using tools

Starting with The Peach Girls scene. Here’s some clips with Traditional Tang Dancing

Here’s the Peach Girls music composed by Charles Affleck

Here’s the Peach Girls chory we did on Sunday 13 Sept (private).

Here’s the music for Act 1 Sc 1 – Monkeys on Flower and Fruit Mountain composed by Patrick Killeen

Here’s our Bollywood routine:

…And here’s our Monkey dance (private):

Here’s Flynn’s Monkey Walk:

Here’s Flynn’s Bunny Hop:

Here’s Flynn’s Bear Walk:

Here’s Flynn’s Monkey Leap: