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Auditions – CTC Radio Theatre
The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley

For our final show of 2016, CTC will be staging The Ghost Train as a live Radio Theatre production. A form of entertainment popular throughout radio’s Golden Age (1930-1950), Radio Theatre pieces were broadcast and performed live before a studio audience, with actors in evening dress stepping up to the microphone to deliver their lines. Music and sound effects were also performed live, adding a theatrical element for studio audiences.

For this production, CTC welcomes guest director John Rowland, who has over 40 years experience in broadcasting and media production. John has produced and directed radio plays in both England and Australia, and lectured in Acting for Radio at London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

About The Ghost Train
Written in 1923 by English actor and playwright, Arnold Ridley (best known for his portrayal of Private Godfrey in the British sitcom Dad’s Army), The Ghost Train is a comedy suspense thriller set in the waiting room of a railway station in rural Cornwall. A group of assorted rail passengers stranded overnight are faced with the spectre of a phantom locomotive said to haunt the line, leaving death in its wake. Naturally, all is not as it seems!

Anticipated rehearsal and performance commitment

* Cast rehearsals will run from late September through to the beginning of November.

* Cast and crew will be required for rehearsals in the last week of November and first week of December.

* Performances will run from Friday 9 – Sunday 11 December at the Faulder Watson Hall, Barker Street,     Castlemaine.

* The show will run for an hour and actors are not required to learn lines.


Originally written for a cast of 12, most roles for this production will be doubled. Unless stated, all roles require an old-school upper-class English accent.

* Richard and Elsie Winthrop: Married for some years and on the verge of separation.

* Charles and Peggy Murdock: Young newlyweds on their honeymoon.

* Miss Bourne: An austere spinster, accompanied by her pet parrot.

* Saul Hodgkin: The gruff station master – this role requires a regional Cornish accent

* Teddie Deakin: Described in the original script as a ‘silly-ass, foppish Englishman’, Teddie is later revealed to be Detective Inspector Morrison of Scotland Yard.

* Julia Price: Posing as a posh but slightly hysterical local – may briefly require a German accent.

* Herbert Price: Posing as Julia’s concerned brother.

* John Sterling: Posing as Dr Sterling – may briefly require a German accent.

* Jackson: Officer from Scotland Yard.

* Warm-up/Sound effects Man: No accent is required for this role.

Casting will be conducted as a group reading during the week beginning the 19 September. No preparation is required, although you may wish to brush up on the accents required. For further information on the play and its history, check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ghost_Train_(play)

For further information, phone Donna Steven on 0476 218 070.

Poster for Spanish film release (1941)

Arnold Ridley - playwright and actor

British film adaptation (1941)