Castlemaine Theatre Company Code of Conduct 2023

Castlemaine Theatre Company (CTC) is a community theatre company based in the Mount Alexander region of Victoria.

We are dedicated to creating high quality, entertaining and challenging productions for the benefit of our local community.

We aim:

  1. To provide high quality local entertainment that is engaging and affordable.
  2. To present productions covering a wide range of genres, including: drama, comedy, historical, contemporary, Australian, cabaret and musicals, works for and by young people.
  3. To encourage and support people to develop new skills in all areas of theatre production, including: acting, directing, writing, production management, costume, music, stage management, set design and construction, lighting and sound engineering.
  4. To create new and interesting artistic and learning opportunities through workshops and play readings.
  5. To support and partner with local and non-local organisations, sharing resources and creative energy.

Our values:

Inclusive: We are open to new people, new ideas, new opportunities, and new ways of working.

Supportive: We welcome new members, and aim to create a safe and supportive space to take risks and experiment with creativity.

Collaborative: We believe that collaboration is, and always has been, at the heart of the theatre. We want the talents and voices of all participants to be reflected in everything we do.

Respectful: We respect all people, all contributions, all ideas and all differences. We expect every participant to commit to, and support the other people involved in, our projects.

Creative: We value creativity, imagination and inventiveness, and welcome new ways of thinking about and making theatre.