If you have a play that you would like to see the CTC produce, here’s how to go about it. We are open to consider full length plays, one-act plays, or even very short extracts, which can be performed as part of a larger program. We like to have at least one large scale production a year, with a big cast, to create opportunities for many people to get involved – but we can also look at smaller scale or more ‘edgy’ works.

1. Make sure you have a full copy of the script, so that the Committee can read it.

2. Who’s directing the play? If you would like to direct, will you need extra support or mentoring? Would you like to nominate someone else to direct the play? It’s better if the director has a personal interest in the work.

3. Send in a proposal to the CTC Committee (castlemainetheatreco@gmail.com), along with a copy of the script. The proposal should be no more than 2 x A4 sides and needs to include:

  • a short synopsis of the work
  • director’s bio
  • director’s vision for the work
  • why you think this is a good work for the CTC to produce

Our email address is castlemainetheatreco@gmail.com

Please note the committee meets on a monthly basis, and needs at least 2 months to consider your proposal. We usually plan 12 months in advance.