This is a page where we are collecting all the CTC videos and audio material in one location.

BROADCASTING on 94.9MainFM In 2020 during COVID lockdowns, we broadcast some wonderful excerpts from previous CTC shows on our beloved local radio station 94.9MainFM. Our first one was on Sunday 5 July at 10.30am on Suzanne Donnisthorpe’s Artswank show. It’s an excerpt from Shakespeare’s As You Like It, which we produced in 2018, directed by Rob Jorritsma. This excerpt is from Act II Scene 7, concluding with Jaques’ very famous ‘All the world’s a stage’ speech. The actors are in order of appearance Clare Shamier as Duke Senior, Stephen Mitchell as Jaques, and Gabriel Lillington as Orlando.


The following excerpt features Tim Ratcliffe performing his ‘Stan’ speech from our 2013 production of Aftershocks, by Paul Brown and the Newcastle Workers Committee. This is a verbatim play about the 1989 earthquake that destroyed the Newcastle Workers Club. It was first performed in 1991. Our production was directed by Trisha O’Hara.
In this speech Stan describes how he was rescued from the rubble, and the ongoing struggles he has with his mental and physical health in the aftermath of the disaster. Terrence Jaensch reviewed the production, and commented favourably on Tim’s performance: “…standouts are Tim Ratcliffe as Stan…Ratcliffe has a very natural, almost improvisational mannyer on stage, which is a perfect for the peice.” 3’s A Crowd member Lyn Grehg commented “I think Aftershocks is one of the best CTC production I have seen…”
This excerpt was featured on ArtSwank on Sunday 16 August 2020 (the backing track is ‘On Behalf of Nature by Meredith Monk):

Here Clare Shamier performs a medley of speeches as the character Polly, an entrepreneurial young woman, from our 2019 production Frankenstein’s Children by David Carlin, directed by Stephen Mitchell. This clip was broadcast on Glenn Williams Dark Moments radio show on 17 October 2020 (with original music composed and performed by Chrissie and Toby Heydon):


Our final offering features in order of appearance Donna Steven, Kate Stones and Zenith Flume performing a scene from Playhouse Creatures by April de Angelis, directed by Ken MacLeod in 2014. We performed at The Old Castlemaine Gaol, which provided an incredibly atmospheric backdrop to this period piece set in seventeenth century London, exploring the lives of the very first women to act on London’s stages. This clip was broadcast on Glenn Williams Around the Wireless show on 2nd December 2020 (the intro and outro music is Tandernaken, written by Jacob Obrecht and performed by The City Waites).


ONLINE PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP. Coming soon. Find out how to be a gun production manager and heard cats with artistic temperaments! Stay tuned for more info.

It’s not the Destination but the Journey: The Making of Monkey and the Monk, produced and directed by Karen McMullen:

In 2017 we were proud to present the first CTC documentary, ‘It’s not the destination but the journey: the making of Monkey and the Monk’. The film was screened at The Theatre Royal in Castlemaine, and was accepted into the 2017 Auckland International Film Festival. The documentary tracks our 2015 production, and provides a heart warming document of the history of the CTC. The Monkey and the Monk project was supported by The Regional Arts Fund and Mount Alexander Shire Council.

Here’s a list for me to remember what other things to add:

  • Kate’s 60th birthday speech
  • Some moments from Frankenstein’s Children
  • Radio Ads for our Radio Plays (if I can find them)
  • Recording of Arsenic and Old Lace (if I can get it off the cd)