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Blood Wedding – one of Lorca’s famous rural tragedies

Another first for Castlemaine Theatre Company. This time we’re taking on one of the great plays in the history of theatre. Federico García Lorca (1898 – 1936) lived at a time when the art world was exploding in new directions. His friends included Salvador Dalí and film-maker Luis Buñuel. The composers Alban Berg and Arnold Schoenberg were his contemporaries.

Blood Wedding is a tragedy about a young woman and two men fighting for her love. The Bride is in love with Leonardo, but their families do not get along, so Leonardo marries another woman. The Bride has been promised to another man, whom she doesn’t love, but will marry to appease her family.

Although Leonardo is already married, he confesses to the Bride that he is still in love with her. At first she tells him to be silent, but then confesses that she still loves him too.

Despite these revelations, she goes ahead with her marriage to the other man, but on the night of the wedding reception, she elopes with Leonardo. When their disappearance is discovered, the Mother commands everybody to search for them. In the forest where the Bride and Leonardo have fled, the play takes a surrealistic turn. The Moon and Death work together to encourage the Bridegroom and Leonardo to kill one another. Leonardo and the Bridegroom then meet and kill each other in a knife fight.

At the end of the play, the Bride returns to the church hoping that the Bridegroom’s Mother will kill her, but she doesn’t. The play closes with both women reflecting on the deaths of the two men.



Blood Wedding has a reasonably big cast. It is likely that there will be some doubling up. Some roles are fairly big, but even the smaller ones will have their challenges. A basic level of health and physical fitness is required as quite a few scenes ask for physical activity.


Below, you’ll find a list of the characters. Ages given are only an indication.


The Mother                        50 years old; widowed, well-to-do


The Bridegroom                30 years old; son of the Mother


The Wife                            25 years old: married to Leonardo, mother to a baby, pregnant


Leonardo                            Male, 30 years old: married to the Wife, father to her child


The Mother-in-Law           50 years old: mother to the Wife


The Bride                           25 years old: about to get married to Bridegroom, previously in a relationship with Leonardo


The Father                         55: father to the Bride


The Neighbour                   Female, 50 years old; friends with the Mother


The Moon                         


Death as Beggar Woman


Three Woodcutters          


A Servant


Young Men                       


Young Women                  



Audition Prep

Have a think about what character you would be interested in. We will do some reading from the script. Below is a link to some of Lorca’s poems in translation. Pick your favourite and be ready to speak it. (There is no need to memorise it)



Lorca poems


Frederico Garcia Lorca