Walk with Us: Untold Castlemaine

Imagine watching short stories unfold on street corners and behind shops, along alleys and in front of monuments. In a town with the history and ever-changing culture that Castlemaine boasts, those stories are likely to be varied indeed.

21-30 January 2022

Performances: Fri/Sat/Sun at 7.30pm. Meet at The Market Building on Mostyn Street.

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CTC welcomes 2022 with a fun, thoughtful, outdoor theatrical journey. Led by four flamboyant guides, the audience will travel in covid- safe groups through the backstreets of Castlemaine, stopping in hidden spots to be entertained by five scenes written especially for this production by local writers.

The scenes are short – under 5 minutes – and inspired by the theme of ‘what brings our community together’.  Although based on real events or stories from the community this is definitely not a history tour. It is imaginative and adventurous.

  • Into the Mix, by Samantha Bews, directed by Michelle Dorian
  • Market Calls, by Toby Heydon, directed by John Willis
  • Judicial Murder, by Graham Pitts, directed by Jeff Jones
  • The Billy Cart Race, by Lisa D’Onofrio, directed by Sally Guildford
  • Common Ground, by Kevin Cook, directed by Bridget Haylock

The audience journey starts at The Market building, progresses through Victory Park, walks up Mostyn St, then via Uniting church, to the Art Gallery, through the back alley behind the Presbyterian Church to Templeton St, down the hill to the Hub garden, around to the Phee and the concluding in the Village Square. (Which is the new outdoor area recently created by the council. It’s in front of the Town hall building.)

The production is optimistic. It’s not that we don’t see present problems, but for this production, we’re using art to elevate. Our objective is to make the audience see that things aren’t all bad, to feel more connected to the community and have a good night out. We’re beginning 2022 on an upbeat.


Fri, Sat, Sun at 7.30pm.              21, 22, 23 Jan and 28, 29, 30 Jan

Please note that this is a CovidSafe event, where up-to-date vaccination status is required and will be checked at the ticketing booth. It takes place outdoors but we encourage masks and social distancing amongst everyone involved.


Peter Panto

or One Flew Over the Second Star on the Right (adapted and directed by Kate Stones)

Auditions coming mid 2022 TBC

About the Production

This is the story of Peter Pan told in the form of a traditional Pantomime. Which means a Dame in drag, plus lots of audience participation, local references and slapstick humour. A traditional aspect of Panto is that characters from different stories can show up. We’ll be drawing on One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest to source our Dame (guess who!), and find other places to weave in themes from the iconic movie/novel. JM Barrie will no doubt turn in his grave! We will also interrogate outdated aspects of the story, the ‘Redskins’ will be a local footy team, the Pirates will be female, and Wendy will be a child prodigy animal psychologist. Our story begins in the youth psych ward of Castlemaine Hospital…oh yes and there will be a few songs.


Characters and casting

Peter (can be played by a male or female), Wendy, John, Michael and the Lost Kids will hopefully be played by young people aged 14-30. Or those who can play ‘young’

There are 6 Lost Kids, any gender ID is fine

Instead of ‘Redskins’ we will have Castlemaine’s Magpies footy team, with Tiger Lily their captain. Can be male or female. Minimum 3. Any gender. As much diversity as possible amongst them.

Captain Hook is the leader of the Pirates. Mature female, tallish

Other main pirates include Smee and Starkey (all female, any age)

Tinkerbell – A sassy man in a sharp suit

Nana – a therapy dog (think Wilfred)


Nurse Ratched (our Dame) – male actor, large stature. Should be played butch rather than overly camp

Chief Bromden (Asian man)



We are looking for an ensemble of about 15 with some doubling up


Production week and performance dates (you must be available for all these dates):

TBC until post Covid

Tech run: Sat

Dress: Sun

Dress: Tues/Thu

Opening night: Fri

Evening perf: Sat

Mat perf: Sun

Evening perfs: Fri /Sat  /Mat Sun

Final weekend: Fri /Sat /Mat Sun


Rehearsal days:

Monday and Thursday evenings, 7-10pm beginning Thursday

plus additional Sundays as required (approx. 3)