Sunday 8 March 2020

Call Kate on 0431 998 707 for an audition time

Rehearsal days:

Monday and Thursday evenings, 7-10pm beginning Monday 23 March

plus additional Sundays as required

Bump In: Friday 19 June

Dress/Tech weekend: 20/21 June

Opening: Friday 26 June

Friday/Saturday evenings and Sunday matinees

Closing: Sunday 12 July

Audition prep: Prepare an audition piece with some humour, that shows off your unique qualities. You can sing a song, but bring your own backing or be ready to sing acapella.


This is a panto version of Peter Pan, originally written by JM Barrie. We’ll be performing it in mid-winter as a Christmas in July Panto. It will have all the trappings of traditional Panto – a comic, cross-dressing Dame, lots of opportunities for audience participation, a few songs and a happy ending. Another tradition of Panto is a very irreverent attitude to the narrative, with characters from different fairy tales turning up all over the place, and this production is no exception! The full title of this adaption is Peter Panto or One Flew Over the Second Star on the Right. That’s right, you guessed it, it’s a playful mash up with the iconic novel and script, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Nurse Ratched is our Dame, and Nana the dog is a therapy dog with a difference. Written and directed by Kate Stones, (Gallipoli: The Musical, Monkey and the Monk), the production promises to be a hoot! Peter Pan was first performed on 27 December 1904, so it has always been a Christmas show.  The favourites are all still in place, there’s plenty of pirates and a crocodile and some lost boys. There’s a daring rescue and a cranky fairy, and definitely some flying! Our version will update the story to make it a bit more in line with contemporary values. Peter will definitely be asking audiences to renew their commitment to believe in fairies. We are also mixing up genders, with a male Tinkerbell, and female Pirates, including the dastardly Captain Hook. It’s a large cast production with opportunities for men and women of all ages including young people. We’d like to cast Peter, Wendy, John and Michael with young people under 20 if possible. We’d love help with set and props if anyone is keen to contribute to that side of the production. We’ll be performing at The Phee Broadway Theatre.

Characters and casting

Nurse Ratchet: The traditional Panto Dame. Played by a man, more butch than camp. Initially severe and a bit spooky, but reveals a more playful caring side without too much provocation. Wants to organise everybody, but often gets things wrong. Likes to see herself as a good nurse but doesn’t have much duty of care.

John: Nerdy. Apparently responsible and straight-laced, but in fact somewhat subversive. Keen to grow up and play father figure.

Michael: A Crazy Kid

Chief Bromden: A short Malaysian gentleman, mistaken for a Native American by Nurse Ratched. Actor also plays Tiger Lily.

Wendy: Actor aged 13-25. Ideally 15-17. Curious, intelligent, pensive, hormonal. Loves animals. She has trained her dog, Nana, to be a Freudian Analyst. Not naturally feisty, but learns to be strong, has the courage of her convictions. An orphan, she has had to grow up quickly.

Nana: The Therapy Dog. A Canine Freudian Analyst. Actor in a dog suit with spectacles and a briefcase or satchel. Actor female.

Tinkerbell: A sassy, saucy, snarky jealous man-fairy in a sharp suit. Can sing, but cannot speak except by ringing a bell. Understood only by inhabitants of Neverland.

Peter Pan: A curious combination of Nobility and Narcissism. Profoundly courageous. Completely enthralled with his own marvelousness. Charismatic and swashbuckling, yet incapable of genuine love. Only true loyalty is to Tink, although not forever. Will NEVER grow up. Actor gender can be any.

The Lost Boys: are teens – early 20s. LBs can be male or female, they are like a 90s boy band and will sing a song in harmony at some point. The LBs include: Slightly (a genius, musical, graceful dancer, conceited); Tootles (Always misses the adventures, humble); Nibs (‘gay’, debonair); Curly (A ‘pickle’); The Twins. Max 6, min 4.

Captain Hook: Female actor, not acting male, but not overtly female. Hook is a different class from her crew, she is ‘never more sinister than when she is most polite’. Smokes two cigars at once.

Tiger Lily: Captain of the Magpies footy team

The Pirates: Female actors. Smee ( the only non-conformist, likes a chat) and Starkley (A gentleman). Cecco (Handsome Italian), Jukes (every inch of her tattooed), Cookson, Skylight (the Lookout), Mullins and Noddler (hands fitted on backwards). Max 8, Min 4

Magpies: Castelamaine’s local football team (actors any gender)

My One Flew Over the Second Star on the Right Mash

Mary Martin as Peter Pan in 1955

The controversial James Matthew Barrie, original creator of Peter Pan